Play Based Philosophy

Children choose activities based on their current interests.

Play-Based Program

Creative Spaces Preschool follows a child-centered/play-based program where children choose activities based on their current interests. Teachers encourage the kids to play, facilitating social skills along the way. The play-based classroom is broken up into sections, which include:

  • Table
  • Small group areas
  • Science area
  • Enrichment circle
  • Library and reading area
  • Space with blocks and other toys
  • Plus other areas


It may seem as though children are just playing, however, they are learning valuable skills, including important social skills and cooperation with others, learning about signs (as most items are labeled), and early math.


Creative Spaces is built into a framework – inside this framework we try to introduce flexibility, fluidity and spontaneity, for the children and also for the staff.


Kids get firm boundaries, but lots of freedom within those boundaries. When a child plays, he constructs himself.


Creative Spaces – a place for energetic discovery in which children are left to exercise their five senses, of using their muscles, of sensations, and of physical space.